Call for abstracts

Posters 1Abstracts can be submitted via the online submission form or alternatively in a Word document submission form and sent to

Please ensure that you have read the abstract submission guidelines and submit all abstracts by the deadlines shown below. 




We are looking for abstracts for poster presentations relating to all areas of medical imaging and radiotherapy including educational, case reports, audits and research.

Prizes will be awarded for the highest quality poster in the following categories:

• Research/audit

• Case report/education

Submission deadline: 5pm on Friday 4 October 2019 



We are looking for abstracts for proffered paper oral presentations relating to research in AI including medical imaging and radiotherapy. Radiologists (consultant and trainees), radiographers and physicists are all welcome to submit abstracts for their research

If you are successful, we will invite you to carry out a 15 minutes presentation of your research at this event (12+3 minutes for discussion).

Abstracts should be maximum 250 words.

Submission deadline: Midnight on Friday 18 October 2019 


PLEASE NOTE: we will only accept one abstract submission per presenting author per event. If you wish to submit any further abstracts, these will only be considered if you are a co-author and the presenting author is registered for the event.




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