Webinar FAQs

Frequently asked questions about BIR webinars

Q: What topics are covered?
A: Clinical, managerial, professional and scientific aspects related to radiology, radiotherapy, oncology and the allied sciences.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: It is free of charge. All participants will receive a CPD certificate. 
Q: How long does a webinar last?
A: 30 to 60 minutes, including question and answer session, this usually follows the presentation.
Q: How do I participate in a live BIR webinar?
A: To participate in a live webinar, you have to register. Registration for a webinar opens two weeks before the broadcast date and continues till the end of the webinar. Register here 
Q: I can't make the webinar at the scheduled time. Can I view the webinar at a later time? 
A: Yes you can. If you have registered for the webinar, links will be emailed to you 3-5 working days after the webinar live broadcasting. All past on-demand webinars are on our video page. On demand webinars can be viewed on almost any connected device capable of displaying video.
Q: What equipment do I need to participate in a live webinar?
A: A desktop or laptop computer with speakers, running Windows or Mac OSX, with Flash player 13 or later installed, preferrably using a wired internet connection. Mobile devices (smart phones and tablets running iOS or Android) require the Adobe Connect app, which is available free, from the Apple store and Google Play. Note: mobile attendees have reduced functionality compared with participants using a desktop or laptop computer.
Q: How do I log in to the live webinar?
A: The link to the login page will be sent to you in a confirmation email once you register. About 15 minutes before the webinar, you will be able to log in to the webinar from that page. You will need to enter the email address that you registered with. Audio for the webinar will be streamed via your computer speakers. Make sure that your computer speakers are on and test your system to see if you can receive audio via Macromedia Flash.
Q: What is "GMT" and “BST”?
A: We are located in London, UK. "GMT" stands for Greenwich Mean Time. "BST" stands for British Summer Time (GMT+1).
Q: Do I need to mute myself on the webinar?
A: No. We'll take care of that for you. As an attendee, you are automatically muted.
Q: Can I ask questions during the webinar?
A: Yes, you can interact with the presenters during the live webinar by typing your comments and questions through a public forum. Unfortunately, you cannot ask questions with the on-demand webinar but you are able to read all the questions and answers that took place.
Q: Are BIR webinars accredited for CPD?
A: Yes, BIR webinars are accredited for 1 CPD point per webinar by the Royal College of Radiologists.
Q: How do I claim CPD points?
A: If you participate in a live webinar for 30 minutes or more you will automatically find your CPD certificate downloadable from My events 5 working days after the live broadcast.
If you view a webinar on demand, you may claim CPD points by completing and submitting the self reflection form on the video page.
Q: Where can I find information and schedules for BIR webinars?
A: Webinar schedules are listed together with our forthcoming events schedules on Events and webinars page. Forthcoming webinars are also listed in BIR e-newsletters.
Q: Can I get a copy of the slides being used in the webinar?
A: Unfortunately this is not possible, due to copyright restrictions.
Q: Is it possible to have a group participating in a webinar at my place of work?
A: You may be able to get your institution to stream our webinars to a single location where everyone can enjoy the broadcast on a large screen with a good sound system. An added benefit of this is that it can stimulate social cognitive group learning amongst teams in the institution.  If your institution does not currently stream our webinars, email the webinar team for further information about this service. There will be charges involved if CPD certificates are required.
Q: Why do I need a wired connection?

A: We recommend that you use a wired broadband connection, or better, to participate in live webinars. Slow internet connections will cause loss of quality, echoes, delays and even dropout of both audio and video content.

To provide the best possible broadcast quality, we use a high speed fibre optic connection at BIR and preload the webinar content. During the live broadcast, we constantly monitor the presentation to check the quality. We broadcast at high bandwidth to ensure that the broadcast recording quality is as good as possible. If your connection is slow you will not be able to get all the content in real time.

Interactivity is one of the important benefits of a live "meeting". If your internet connection is slow or intermittent, you may not be able to hear clearly what is being said, or even use the chat function in good time for the presenter to notice and respond to your question before moving on to the next topic.Participants using wireless will probably experience poor quality and delays, particularly in media heavy presentations and at certain times of day, which vary with location.  There is no separate "mobile" version. 

For further information: webinars@bir.org.uk, or call Sunny Yang on 020 3668 2239 

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