Meet Dr Amy Clayton

Amy Clayton


Do you work in Wales and have a desire to make a difference in radiology, radiography and radiotherapy for your local colleagues? Meet Dr Amy Clayton, consultant radiologist from Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, who is the new leader of the BIR regional branch for Wales. She'd love you to join her as she takes on this new role.


What are your visions for the future of the branch? 

My vision echoes the strategic plan of the BIR which is “to increase the number of members, in particular trainees and young members, and to seek to broaden the membership base rebuilding the multidisciplinary membership of the Institute”.

This will involve recruiting further members to our multidisciplinary committee in order to ensure we are providing valuable educational events/scientific meetings that will appeal to all members and trainee members from each discipline. It is important to raise awareness of the activities that the BIR undertakes and of the resources available to its members. My vision also includes forging better links across Wales.

What are your special interests within the field of medical imaging?

I have a combination of sub-specialist interests, that include; GI (particularly upper GI and HPB incorporating ERCP) and Head and Neck Imaging. I am also interested in Radiation Protection and education.

In your opinion, what are the burning issues in the world of radiology and imaging at the current time?

Access to diagnostics, as well as radiological guided procedures/treatments has become an essential part of everyday medicine. Demand has rocketed and will keep increasing, especially with the advent of new techniques, developments and technology. These are however hard times, with radiology like every other speciality, facing austerity. Limited funding and resources will make it increasingly difficult to maintain and expand this pivotal service. This is particularly true for Wales, where a large proportion of the radiologists are nearing retirement. The foreseeable decrease in the number of working radiologists in Wales; difficulties in recruiting to consultant and training posts, as well as retaining those trained, will mean an even greater shortfall in the number of radiologists already needed to keep up with the ever increasing demand.

When you are not working, how do you like to spend your time?

Trying new restaurants and socialising with friends. Playing golf, keeping fit, skiing and of course watching Wales play rugby.

If you are interested in joining Amy in the Welsh regional branch committee please contact Sarah Adibi on 020 3668 2239 or email


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