AI Essentials webinar series

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The British Institute of Radiology in partnership with Health Education England NHS Digital Academy brings you the freely available webinar series Artificial Intelligence Education Essentials aimed at providing all healthcare workers with a basic understanding of AI. This webinar series follows the competency framework from Health Education England and covers the following sections:

1.    Introduction to AI
2.    Governance
3.    Implementation
4.    Clinical use
5.    Bias
6.    Additional topics of interest

Introduction to AI

Speakers: Richard Sidebottom, Daniel Eiroa


Speakers: Dr Christina Malamateniou, Dr Shahriar Islam, Dr Lizzie Barclay, Dr Camille Vidal GEHC, Dr Gerald Lip, Dr Struan Wilkie, Dr Catherine Jones, Prof Dr med Matthias Goyen GEHC, Dr Anjum Ahmed


Speakers: Dr Tracy O'Regan, Dr Imran Siddiqui, Jo Pauwels, Dr Anna Barnes

Clinical use

Speakers: Dr Rizwan Malik, Dr Amrita Kumar, Graham King


Speakers: Victor Zuanazzi, Reid Blackman

Additional topics of interest

Speakers: Speakers: Dr Sridhar Redla, Dr Anjum Ahmed

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