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The British Institute of Radiology is a multidisciplinary membership organisation which connects professionals within imaging and radiation oncology, and provides you with educational events, publications and online resources. We help you meet your learning and CPD objectives, build your career, provide you with cutting-edge research, become a more active participant in your professional community and thus improve outcomes for patients. Our members exchange ideas, share expertise, gain new perspectives, insight and knowledge.

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UK/Ireland qualified professionals

Plan 1: Consultant/management  £208 per annum

(Consultants, heads of department/senior managers, professors, NHS grade 8b-9 or equivalent) 


Plan 2: Standard and Trainees        £83 per annum

(Radiographers, clinical scientists, lecturers, researchers, NHS grade 1-8a or equivalent, trainees on UK work-based training schemes and foundation years doctors)


Retired                                         £34 per annum

Fully retired (part time and semi-retired professionals should opt for Plan 1 or Plan 2)


Students UK/Ireland                     £3 per annum

(Full-time students at an approved UK or Ireland University)

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International qualified professionals

International                                  £95 per annum

(All professionals residing outside of the UK and Ireland. If you reside in a developing country or reside outside of the UK and Ireland or you are a member of one of the BIR World Partner Network societies please see rates below).


International (Concession)              £60 per annum

Available for all professionals residing in any countries listed here


BIR World Partner Network             £30 per annum

Any professional based outside of the UK and is a member of a society in the BIR World Partner Network. You require a code to claim your discount at the checkout. If you do not have this, please contact your society.              

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