The BIR HRCT portfolio

Build up a portfolio of learning in the area of HRCT and rise above your colleagues

The BIR HRCT portfolio is built around The BIR/DMC Radiology Reporting “Hands-On” training series: HRCT in diffuse lung diseases interactive workshop and a range of online activities including webinar and articles that are designed to support your learning.

Learning outcomes:

  • To become familiar with common patterns of diffuse lung disease
  • To understand the relationships between radiological patterns and the likely pathological processes
  • To develop a systematic approach to HRCT interpretation in diffuse lung diseases
  • To become familiar with typical and atypical appearances of specified diffuse lung diseases

Target audience:

Radiologists (consultant and trainee) and anyone with an interest in thoracic imaging.


You will undertake a range of activities to gain the relevant knowledge in the area of HRCT and demonstrate attendance/successful completion by providing evidence in the form of a portfolio and summary self-reflection.

Flow diagram

The next "Hands-On" course will be on 23 September 2020 in London.

For further information and fees, please click here or contact us via email or calling 020 3668 2226



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