BIR safety campaign

The safety of patients and staff is at the heart of everything we do in the imaging and radiation Safety campaign logooncology community. It is vital that processes are in place to monitor procedures and adhere to recommended guidelines within the imaging and radiation oncology.   

The BIR Safety Campaign communicates safety advice and recommendations and helps to spread the word about safety issues within our community to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients and staff.


BIR Safety Campaign 2020MR Safety Week 2020

MR Safety is important all year round but we use MR Safety week (the last week in July) to remind ourselves of important advice and best practice and also to prevent accidents happening again.

In 2020 we are raising awareness by focusing on the learning that can be gained from real-life incidents, what went wrong and how processes were subsequently improved. Our four new safety advice sheets will be published each day during the week from Tuesday 28 July, focusing on a specific case.

Please share with your teams, print off and use to discuss MR safety in your setting. Help to keep your patients, yourselves and your equipment safe throughout the year.



MR SMR Safety Week Day 1afety Advice sheets


Five advice sheets offering safety advice on managing patients with implants (2019)
Five advice sheets with safety advice on a range of MR safety issues





Radiation Safety week day one

Radiation Safety Advice sheets

Five advice Sheets offering safety advice on a range of issues within radiation safety (2018)








 Radiographer talking to patient

Patient Shielding Guidance

Evidence-based guidance on why contact shielding for patients is no longer needed during most X-rays, CT scans and interventional radiology.





Personal Protective Equipment guidance

A practical guide to the use and care of personal protective equipment in a book, ebook, video and poster formats.

We all know that it is important to minimise occupational exposure when working with radiation. Remember, it's not only patient safety that counts. Give yourself the best radiation protection you can and make radiation safety part of your everyday practice.   View the videos here and purchase the e-book here

Regrettably, during the COVID-19 outbreak we are unable to process any book or poster orders. We will update this page as soon as the bookshop is available again.



Recommended further reading

A collection of useful articles related to safety issues from our flagship journal BJR and BJR|Open

Evolution of radiation protection for medical workers

Potential for dose reduction in CT emphysema densitometry with post-scan noise reduction: a phantom study

The associated factors for radiation dose variation in cardiac CT angiography

Retrospective study of patients radiation dose during cardiac catheterization procedures

A 3-year review of MRI safety incidents within a UK independent sector provider of diagnostic services









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