Radiation safety advice sheets

Radiation Safety Advice Sheets

Here are some handy safety advice sheets to help teams with practical guidance on key areas within radiation safety.  They have been developed by members of the Radiation Safety SIG, including physicists, radiologists, radiographers and corporate partners. 

Radiation Safety Week 27 February – 3 March 2023

Advice Sheet 1 Patient Skin Dose Management                               Advice_sheet_2_lead_apron_screening_1_border             

Patient Skin Dose                               Lead Apron Screening    

Advice_sheet_3_non-medical_referrers_to_imaging_1_with_border                               Advice_sheet_4_Classification of staff_1_with_border

Non-medical                                      Classification of

referrers to imaging                           Nuclear Medicine staff


Radiation Safety Week 28 February – 4 March 2022

Each day we will share another advice sheet with our members and wider community. You can download all five advice sheets here:

RS Week Day 1

Patient Radiation Dose Management

RS Week Day 2

In-room Radiation Shielding


RS Week Day 3

Implementing a Radiation Incident Coding System


RS Week Day 4

Equipment Quality Assurance (QA) Programme


RS Week Day 5

Image Optimisation Teams

Radiation Safety week 2019

Radiation Risks        PPE        Day 3 Keeping DOSE ALARPP             

Radiation risks                PPE                           Keeping DOSE ALARP      

Ionising Equipment          Day 5 Non-medical referrers

Ionising Equipment         Non-Medical Referrers

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