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Cervical and Lumbar Spine Fellowship – Degenerative Diseases

Date: 20–22 June 2022

This online fellowship covers key topics related to MRI of lumbar and cervical spine degenerative diseases and provides key concepts to standardize the MRI reports. The course will provide you with an in depth description of the nomenclature and classification of degenerative discal disease, as well as a review of the concepts of vertebral osteochondrosis, spondylosis, facetary degeneration, degenerative stenosis (central, lateral recesses, foraminal), and spondylolisthesis.

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Advanced MSK

Date: 20–22 June 2022

The purpose of this Online Fellowship is to discuss a range of specific MSK topics, highlighting the important items that are essential when answering physician’s questions that are key for a patient’s management. This advanced course will be based on the individual reading and following group discussion of clinical cases and will be accompanied by relevant lectures on the specific topic including the relevant anatomy, the differential diagnosis and how to optimize the protocols.

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British Neuro-Oncology Society Annual Conference

Date: 22 - 24 June 2022

Location: Liverpool & maybe hybrid

Save this important Neuro-Oncology date!


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Swiss Congress of Radiology - SCR'22

Venue: Fribourg Forum Fribourg, Switzerland

Date: 23–25 June 2022

SCR is the biggest radiological scientific & educational meeting in Switzerland. It is organised by the Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR), the Swiss Society of Nuclear Medicine (SGNM-SSMN) and the Swiss Association of Radiographers (SVMTR-ASTRM). SCR consists of refresher courses, plenary sessions with lectures by national and international speakers, scientific sessions, a poster and industry exhibition.

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15th Congress of Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (ASCI 2022 Hong Kong)

Dates: 24–26 June 2022

Location: Hybrid, Hong Kong SAR, China

The congress will be held in a hybrid format in Hong Kong SAR, China. Hong Kong hosted the 5th ASCI congress in 2011, which was a very successful meeting and a milestone for both scientific exchange and having the biggest number of participants in ASCI history. We believe that our ASCI colleagues in Hong Kong have full of experience and enthusiasm, and thus are more than ready to hold this important annual meeting.

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Neonatal imaging study day

Date: 28 June 2022

Location: In-person, The Royal College of Radiologists, London

A comprehensive neonatal imaging study day aimed at senior trainees and consultants. Will include practical guidance and tips to ensure you provide high quality image interpretation and procedural studies for this niche patient group. The day will cover multi system reporting; body and neuroradiology and advice on common fluoroscopy studies.

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Paediatric Neuroradiology Fellowship

Date: 4–6 July 2022

This 3-day online fellowship covers key topics related to Paediatric Neuroradiology. Selected topics will first be presented in a lecture format, followed by individual case reading and group discussion.

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Imaging of Musculoskeletal Trauma Fellowship

Dates: 6 - 8 Jul 2022

Benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of Dr. Mini Pathria during this fellowship of 3 half days. Through a series of lectures and case readings + discussions, Dr. Pathria will guide you through the interpretation, grading and classification of traumatic injuries involving the upper extremity, lower extremity and axial skeleton.

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Digital Imaging Summit 2022: Improving Radiology Reporting & Escalation

Date: 8 July 2022

Venue: Hallam Conference Centre, London

Following the July 2021 Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman report this conference focuses on Improving Radiology Reporting & Escalation. 

With an opening address from Dr. Jeanette Dickson, President of The Royal College of Radiologists  

This conference focuses on the important issue of improving radiology reporting turnaround times and escalation when unexpected results are identified. The conference will explore how the development of Radiology Information Systems and PACS can support staff to ensure optimisation, support the move towards imaging networks and ensure integration of Artificial Intelligence into workflow. The national review of radiology reporting which took place before Covid-19  by the Care Quality Commission found huge variation in radiology reporting highlighting trusts that had backlogs of 33,400 unreported images.

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Cancer Survivorship Summit: Improving Outcomes for People Living with and Beyond Cancer

Date: 13 July 2022


This National Conference takes a practical approach to improving practice and outcomes for those living with and beyond cancer, moving from surviving to thriving. Through national updates and practical case studies the conference aims to support you to deliver on the priorities outlined by NHS England and develop effective personalised support and services. The conference will also reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on Cancer Survivorship services and explore how we meet the unmet needs of people living with and beyond cancer. The conference will discuss risk stratified follow up pathways and the commissioning of holistic packages of support, and ensuring every person with cancer will have access to relevant elements of a personalised care approach.

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Improving Referral to Treatment Times (RTT)

Date: 2 August 2022


This one day masterclass will focus on tackling the elective backlog worsened by Covid-19 both for providers and commissioners.

We will focus on the whole patient pathway looking at how to improve flow and plan ahead to balance demand and capacity. We will look at innovative techniques to reduce delays and improve elective access for patients.

All Clinical Staff and Team Leads should attend. 

Further information and book your place or email nicki@hc-uk.org.uk


4th European Congress of Medical Physics

Date: 17-20 August 2022

Venue: Dublin, Ireland

The theme of ECMP 2022 is Multiple Energies, Single Patient Focus. This represents the many strands of medical physics, which all operate at different energies and strengths and how, when they come together, they maximise the benefit to every patient. Ireland is an island nation with a strong history of sharing knowledge and connecting people. Here, we are all well aware of the importance of science without borders. The idea of the 2022 Congress is to reflect this connectivity between physicists and the sense of community.

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Online Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours Fellowship

Date: 29–31 August 2022

In just 3 short days, benefit from the vast expertise of MSK radiologist Dr. Rachel Gerson as she introduces participants to MR assessment of bone marrow signal and of bone and soft tissue tumours, through a series of key lectures followed by group case demos and discussions.

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Online Dementia Imaging Fellowship

Date: 30 August–1 September 2022

This 3-day Online Fellowship covers CT and MRI of the brain in dementia disorders covering both basic and early advanced knowledge. We will discuss imaging findings with a lecture, followed by individual case reading with a subsequent group discussion.

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Online Intermediate/Advanced Prostate Cancer MRI Fellowship

Date: 5 –7 September 2022

This 3-day online fellowship covers key topics related to MRI of prostate cancer and provides intermediate and advanced knowledge. We will discuss MRI findings of the prostate, pelvis and whole body with a lecture, followed by individual case reading with subsequent group discussion.

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Breast Surgery as Day Surgery -  20% discount code for BIR members - see below

8 September 2022


A wide range of breast procedures can be delivered safely as a day case. When the Department of Health recommended prioritising day case breast surgery in 2007, emphasis was placed on non-oncoplastic procedures. However, innovation by surgical teams since, has successfully applied a day surgery ‘mind-set’ to the management of a growing number of oncoplastic procedures, which can release valuable inpatient resource for women who require postoperative monitoring following complex reconstructive surgeries. Despite these benefits, wide variation in day surgery performance persists nationally, usually, as a result of health professional and nursing misperceptions.

Attendance at this conference, which has been produced by the British Association of Day Surgery, will enable delegates to develop a day case management pathway for breast surgery and potential to improve trust management of breast surgical demand and capacity. The basic elements of a day surgery pathway will be presented including the evaluation of the quality of care provided. Specific details of multi-disciplinary care specific to breast surgery management will be presented by acknowledged experts in the field from a variety of backgrounds, reflecting the importance of the multi-disciplinary team in successful delivery of day surgery care for these patients.

20% discount with code hcuk20bir 

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Online Musculoskeletal MRI Fellowship – Upper extremity

Date: 12–14 Sep 2022

This course will guide you through the most common MR studies of the upper extremity, and will give you sufficient knowledge of MR anatomy and pathology to evaluate the most common injuries and findings of this region. Anatomical variants and pitfalls will be discussed. Findings particular for the growing skeleton as well as degenerative changes will be illustrated, and common sports injuries and stress reactions are extensively covered. After completing this course you will have updated your knowledge on MSK MR imaging of the upper extremity and if you are a beginner, you should be able to report your first studies.

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ICIS 2022 - Cancer Imaging: An all-inclusive speciality

Date: 12 - 14 September 2022

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Meeting President: Prof. Annick D. Van den Abbeele

Abstract Deadline: 1 June 2022


Further information 

Magnetic Resonance Image Guided Radiotherapy (MRIgRT)

Date: 26–27 September 2022

Venue: The Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust Sutton, SM2

An opportunity to broaden your understanding of the capabilities and potential of MRI guidance in radiotherapy planning and treatment verification. We invite you to join us to hear from leading practitioners in the field, develop skills and share knowledge with other professionals involved in MRI in radiotherapy.

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Online Musculoskeletal MRI Fellowship – Lower extremity

Date: 27–29 September 2022

Join leading MSK radiologist Dr. Roar Pedersen as he walks participants through the most common MR studies of the lower extremity (knee, ankle, hip, and more) through a series of lectures combined with hands-on case readings followed by group discussions.

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13th Global Hands-on Musculoskeletal MRI & Ultrasound Congress for Radiologists

Dates: 28 September–1 October 2022

Venue: Parkroyal Penang Beach Resort, Penang Island, Malaysia

No of places: 42 pax. Accreditation: 20 CPD Points Malaysian Medical Council radiology course. 20 CPD points National Specialist Register. You can also submit to RCR UK for CPD points and try ESSR towards Diploma.

Further information

13th Global Hands-On Musculoskeletal Ultrasound with MRI Correlation Congress for Physicians & General Practitioners

Dates: 2 & 3 October 2022

Venue: Parkroyal Penang Beach Resort, Penang Island, Malaysia

No of places: 42 pax. Accreditation: 16 CPD Core Points by National Specialist Register of Malaysia, 16 CPD Points by Malaysian Medical Association, & recognized for CPD points towards the ESSR Diploma.

Further information

Online Sports Imaging Fellowship

Date: 3–5 October 2022

This 3-day online fellowship with MSK radiologist Dr. Richard de Villiers will help participants become more confident in imaging of Sports Injuries. The fellowship will be interactive with a series of lectures, individual readings of select cases, followed by group discussions guided by the expert mentor.

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Lymphoma Imaging Fellowship

Dates: 10–12 October 2022


In just 3 half days, gain a complete understanding of lymphoma subtypes and staging with Dr. Pavan Najran, an expert in oncologic imaging. Learn in a small group of your peers through lectures, case readings, and case discussions.

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RCR Annual Conference 2022

Date: 13-14 October 2022

Location: Eastside Rooms, Birmingham and Online

Our four-stream programme, curated by our clinical experts covers radiology, oncology, learning for trainees with a fourth joint faculty stream including non-clinical skills and perspectives. In our plenary sessions we will explore the emerging challenges facing both our specialties.

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Online Liver MRI Fellowship

Date: 17–19 October 2022

This 3-day online fellowship covers key topics related to Liver MRI and provides basic and intermediate knowledge. Selected topics will first be presented in a lecture format, followed by individual case reading and group discussion.

Further information

Brain Tumours Fellowship

Date 24–26 October 2022

100% Online

In 3 short days, learn from experienced Neuroradiologist and lecturer Dr. Cem Çalli who will present several lectures on the topic of brain tumours/gliomas. Following the lectures, participants will get the chance to look at real anonymised cases brought by Dr. Çalli and engage in group discussion of the cases.

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MSK Cycling Congress (Hosted by TMC Academy)

Date: 31 October 2022

Join MSK radiologists and passionate cyclists on October 31st for this special conference opportunity, a day filled with lectures on relevant sports injuries topics and cycling in Barcelona!

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Paediatric Body Fellowship

Date: 2–4 November 2022

100% Online

In just 3 half days, gain a complete understanding of lymphoma subtypes and staging with Dr. Pavan Najran, an expert in oncologic imaging. Learn in a small group of your peers through lectures, case readings, and case discussions.

Further information

Rectal Cancer MRI Fellowship

Date: 2–4 November 2022

100% Online

This interactive 3-day online fellowship will take participants through staging and restaging rectal cancer on MRI. Following a series of lectures followed by in case readings and discussions, Dr. Stephanie Nougaret will share her vast knowledge on rectal cancer staging and restaging after neoadjuvant treatment.

Further information

Female Pelvis MRI Fellowship Part 1

Date: 7–9 November 2022

100% Online

Benefit from the experience and immense knowledge of two expert radiologists, Prof. Evis Sala and Dr. Susan Freeman, who will guide you through key topics related to MRI of the female pelvis, including MRI findings of the normal a female pelvis as well as benign and malignant gynaecological conditions.

Further information

Masterclass in Imaging of Pancreatic Tumours

Date: 18 November 2022


Learning objectives

-To learn the guidelines-based imaging criteria for pancreatic cancer staging.

-To understand the optimal approach to imaging patients post neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for pancreatic cancer.

-To assess treatment response, complications of treatment and detection of recurrent disease.

-To acquire knowledge on different cystic lesions of the pancreas, in order to be able to interpret the different imaging findings of cystic lesions and to understand the best approach to these different lesions.

Further information

FRPT 2022 – 2nd Flash Radiotherapy and Particle Therapy Conference

Date: 30 November–2 December 2022

Venue: Barcelona, Spain

FRPT 2022 looks to build a worldwide organisation of scientists and professionals interested in advanced radiotherapy methods using protons, electrons, heavier charged ions and photons. The Conference aims to gather researchers and students (from academia and industry) with professionals working in clinical oncology, and provide a multidisciplinary forum to discuss the latest developments in FLASH and Particle Therapy.

FRPT 2022 is made possible thanks to the partnership between Institut Curie in Paris, The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois in Lausanne, EU EMPIR project, UHDpulse, EU integrating activity, INSPIRE, The University of Manchester, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, and GSI’s international Biophysics Collaboration.

Further information

Electrical requirements for the electrical installation of medical radiological equipment


The course will consider the radiological aspects of the 2017 DH guidance “HTM06-01 Electrical services supply and distribution”. The new guidance has been re-structured and is more clearly split into two major policies – business risk and patient risk.  The requirements of this document need to be understood when a new radiology room is purchased especially that from now on, electrical installations compliance management will now be measured under the NHS Performance Assessment Model (PAM).

The course is for experienced project managers, medical and x-ray engineers and focuses on the relevant points for medical radiological installations.  There is a summary session at the beginning of the course that other healthcare staff may wish to attend in order to attain a brief overview of the new document.  This summary session would be aimed at radiographers and medical physics experts who are involved with medical radiological equipment purchasing and commissioning, and will explain the new policies and gives reference to the relevant sections of the guidance.

This short course is intended to be run at the customer’s site at their convenience.  

For further information please visit: http://medical-locations.co.uk/

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