Charles Sloane

Charles Sloane

I am Principal Lecturer and Professional Lead for Health Sciences at the University of Cumbria (Lancaster Campus). Prior to that I worked in various roles as a radiographer in the NHS.

I first became interested in the BIR when I was asked to sit on the Education Committee. This was a good opportunity for me to use my skills and experience from working in higher education to contribute to a professional organisation of international renown. This is not only important from a CPD perspective but it’s good for my employer as it demonstrates that staff maintain a degree of ‘externality’ though outward engagement with a variety of professional bodies.

More recently I have taken up work with the new BIR accreditation committee. This again has allowed me to utilise the skills I have developed from validating courses from within my organisation, but also for other bodies such as the College of Radiographers. I have consequently been able to broaden my CV by using skills in a variety of settings.

As a radiographer the biggest benefit I have experienced as a result of joining the BIR is the chance to be part of a truly multi-professional organisation. During my professional practice I do not often get quality time to interact with radiologists, physicists and industry representatives in order to discuss aspects of practice to different standpoints. My contact with the BIR has allowed me to do this and has thus given me a much broader perspective on all aspects of imaging and therapy. I have also enjoyed seeing my professional perspective and experience making a real difference to the work of the BIR and to my own professional development and thus, ultimately, benefitting service users.

Charles Sloane, Principal Lecturer and Professional Lead for Health Sciences at the University of Cumbria 


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