Katy Szczepura

Katy Szczepura 2

Tell us about yourself
I am a medical physics lecturer at The University of Salford within the Diagnostic Radiography Directorate.

My role is split between research and teaching and learning. I teach all aspects of medical physics to undergraduate and postgraduate students including radiography, CT, mammography, nuclear medicine, and ultrasound.

How did you first hear about the BIR?
I have always been aware of the BIR since starting my career (a long time ago!). However, I first realised how important it was to be involved once I became more established in my research career, and the journal (BJR) was an important source for new research, and a vehicle for publishing in. I was then given the opportunity to become associate editor for the BJR, which I quickly agreed to, as it was such an honour to be put forward for the role.

What do you do for the BIR?
I am an associate editor for BJR, which means that I support the peer review process to ensure the quality and standards of the research being published, and that the work fits within the scope of interests of the journal

Why would you recommend being a BIR member?
For medical physicists, it is a forum where you can bring the specialist knowledge of your field into a multi-professional forum, which is incredibly important for developing the highly innovative discipline of radiology.


Katy Szczepura,  medical physics lecturer at The University of Salford within the Diagnostic Radiography Directorate.

Her research interests include optimisation of CT in terms of image quality and dose, and she is also focusing on image quality in mammography,  currently concentrating on the compression force. She is currently supervising six PhD students within these research fields.


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