Sue Marchant

Sue Marchant

I joined the BIR way back in the late seventies. My senior superintendent radiographer encouraged me to do so as she was a member and enjoyed the scientific lecture programme and the opportunity to meet other members on an equal basis regardless of profession.

As an aspiring junior superintendent radiographer I was keen to meet and talk with other radiographer  and radiologist members and starting a network of communication with them and was able to do so as a member.

Opportunities came my way to sit on a number of different committees. When I retired from my professional career, it never occurred to me to leave the BIR since other opportunities became available as a retired member, including the former retired members’ day hosted by the BIR.

Now I’m retired I have many other interests, but it’s still fantastic to be able to go to events like UKRC and meet up with many of the contacts I met through my BIR membership.

Today I am chairman of the awards and prizes committee, which I had been involved with since its inception in 2004. As a retired member I feel valued by the BIR as I am still able to contribute.

Sue Marchant, radiographer, previously Imaging Services Manager, Barts and The London NHS Trust

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