Student membership

Student membership

Student membership is just £1 per annum.

Full-time students including postgraduate MSc and Phd students based in the UK and Ireland are eligible for student membership up to the end-date of their course.

We welcome the following full-time students based in the UK and Ireland:

  • Radiography undergraduates.
  • Medical physics undergraduates.
  • Medical undergraduate students with an interest in medical imaging. 
  • Postgraduate Phd and MSc students

Please note we may request evidence that you are enrolled on one of the above courses, and as part of your application you will need to provide course details.



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Why Dr Joshua Shur joined the BIR
Why Dr Joshua Shur joined the BIR

"The BIR is the oldest radiological society in the world, and as a multidisciplinary organisation it is really interesting to meet other professionals involved in radiology.

I was really impressed with the YPAT SIG and I have now started to get involved with the group more actively."

Dr Joshua Shur, Trainee, St George's Hospital, Tooting, London

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