Benefits for staff and patients at Clifton Hospital

29 August 2018

Blackpool Clifton Hospital


Clifton Hospital in Lytham St Annes have found their new Fujifilm Visionary Suite room solution has allowed staff more time to focus on patient care.  “The Fujifilm room has features which mean patients are examined much faster and more efficiently,” said Alison Williams, Superintendent Radiographer.  “The auto positioning and auto tracking functions have helped to significantly reduce manual handling, and so has the Virtual Grid™ technology.  As the room comes with three detectors as standard the ones in the table and wall stand remain in place and don’t need to be moved.  We have achieved a huge reduction in moving and handling risks for staff, which means they can focus on patient positioning and care.”

“Overall we have seen a vast improvement in workflow and efficiency which is having a really positive impact on patients.  The Visionary Suite has proved to be the perfect solution to match the needs of our local elderly population.  We have also seen considerable improvement in image quality combined with reduced dose which is also a benefit to our patients.”

“Our radiographers have found the system to be intuitive and well designed, and feedback from staff has been extremely positive.  The D-EVO II detector is considerably lighter than the others on the market, and the third detector has enabled us to perform mobile DR radiography.”

“Fujifilm offered us great value for money, image processing software which has improved our workflow and speeded up our patient experience, and flexibility with the three detector system to really improve our service.  The support from Fujifilm has been prompt and efficient, the training has been excellent and all issues have been resolved professionally.”   


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