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17 January 2019


Curium have announced that they are in the process of finalising the impact on the existing road freight network to understand the implications on required delivery timelines due to the changes estimated in timing of receipt of goods by air. The plans will be shared with individual customers where there will be an impact on current service level.

Following guidance from the Brexit supply contingency team Curium are also now investigating sea freight back-up plans to air freight due to the investment being made by the Department for Transport to ease capacity demand on the short straights crossings, however in the eventuality that a deal is reached with the EU, road freight remains our priority supply route into the UK.

Customers should be prepared to take any relevant action in relation to clinical planning for patients which may arise from a change in our logistics network in the incidence of a no-deal Brexit. Curium will provide customers with more detail by the end of January to allow time to plan accordingly. If any changes in timing of generator deliveries impact on required activity, then planned license changes need to be considered should a change in activity and delivery day is required.

Curium are asking customers to contact them for more information if required.

Contact  02392 704288

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