Elekta offer free access to software during COVID-19 outbreak

Elekta28 April 2020

For more than 50 years, Elekta has worked in partnership with customers to help them fulfil their vital mission to deliver cancer care, and continues to operate under this principle during COVID-19. Elekta is dedicated to its customers and the patients they treat, and continue to work hard to keep systems up and running and their clinical activities running smoothly.

To support customers during this challenging time, there are several initiatives underway:


  • ProKnow software, which is used to collect and analyse data to support ongoing improvement of anatomy contouring and treatment plans, and Monaco licences are available free of charge for 90 days during COVID in order to help you scale your remote operation. You can visit the registration site here.
  • MOSAIQ Quick Guides have been released for you to reference useful, compact tips for delivering cancer patient care during COVID-19. You can access those here.
  • Continued use of Elekta’s IntelliMax predictive maintenance solution to pinpoint system issues before they result in downtime.


Stay connected to Elekta through social media channels to ensure you keep abreast of all the initiatives available.

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