InHealth extend reporting provision

20 April 2020

1. Baruch Videan _compressedInHealth is delighted to have recently extended their reporting provision, with the introduction of Telereporting services to work alongside its on-site service. As a result, InHealth is now able to offer its customers a complete suite of plain film reporting solutions, which now includes Urgent and Hot Reporting services.

Speaking about the transition, Fodi Kyriakos, Head of Reporting, explained; “This represents a significant development for InHealth Reporting and I am excited at the prospect of how our telereporting model can support customers to deliver service improvement for their patients. At a time where developing flexible working options is at the forefront of many hospitals plans, we have adapted our service in line with this to ensure we are able to respond quickly to customer demands as they arise.”

One of InHealth’s Radiographers who has joined the home-reporting network is Baruch Videan. Baruch said: “I have been proud of my role as a Reporting Radiographer for the InHealth on-site reporting team for several years. This excellent new service allows me to provide support to Trusts in new ways. I am now in a position to provide both hot reporting and, possibly more important, to supplement NHS radiology departments as they start to catch-up with the critical workload that has been put on hold during the current crisis, without having to take up often oversubscribed reporting stations on the hospital sites. I firmly believe that the great working relationships that InHealth has built with the trusts, together with the current partnership with NHS England in response to COVID-19, as a reporting team we are in a superb position to respond where needed”.

Find out more about COVID-19 provision at InHealth here

 Image: Baruch Videan, Reporting Radiographer


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