Medica expand home reporting and adapt services

Medica COVID8 April 2020

Medica have responded swiftly to the COVID pandemic to support the demand on NHS hospitals by adapting their services to evolving pathways and opening up access to reporters working from home during this challenging period. Working with PACS supplier Insignia and Redcentric they are enabling those self-isolating to be productive too.

In response to the increasing strain that COVID-19 is putting on NHS hospitals, Medica is working in collaboration with Radiology Departments to respond to the challenges ahead. Medica has already taken measures to safeguard the resilience of their Routine and NightHawk services. They are also adapting these services in line with national best practice to support evolving care pathways, particularly in the areas of CT Chest and Chest X Rays.

Outside of the normal services they provide, given the scale of the challenge, Medica has responded by opening up access to direct capacity for the NHS provided by  reporters working at home on the Medica network. The service is already up and running for a number of NHS hospitals, allowing their reporters in isolation to continue to work.

If you already have an active connection to Medica, they may be able to assist your continuity of service by facilitating home reporting by your reporters who are also on the Medica network. This ‘pass through’ service is being made available free of charge for as long as it is possible.

By harnessing Medica’s expertise in remote reporting and the technical platform provided in partnership with their PACS supplier, Insignia Medical Systems and their infrastructure provider Redcentric, Medica aims to enable clients’ reporters to continue to be productive if they are required to self-isolate due to COVID-19.

If this service may be of use to your department and you are a Medica client please get in touch via

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