Philips staff support each other

Philips support each other7 July 2020

Hats off to all the field engineers and application specialists who have gone the extra mile over the past few weeks and months to support hospitals and Trusts during the COVID-19 crisis. The team at Philips tasked with installing and servicing vital equipment have often been on site for several days and have chosen to live apart from their families to keep everyone safe. Working in the strange world of lockdown has meant even finding a bite to eat or a bed for the night has been far from straight forward.

Meanwhile, back at the Guildford HQ, the empty offices vacated by teams working at home have been converted into a PPE distribution facility so that the teams working in hospitals are properly protected. Philips staff volunteers including department heads all pitched in to unpack pallets of PPE, counting out equipment and repackaging into smaller boxes so every site gets a fair allocation. The procurement teams all worked hard to secure supplies in a very competitive market.

And for that added touch, notes of support and chocolates were slipped in to give a much needed morale boost to their colleagues in the field. A great example of how colleagues can adapt and diversify to help each other in a time of crisis.

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