Jusha provide workstations in hospital and homes

5 May 2020

To fight the COVID-19 pandemic Jusha has helped to install hundreds of workstation displays in hospitals throughout the UK.  Factories have been working a 24/7 rota to keep up with demand and Jusha have maintained prices in spite of increased shipping costs. Jusha also provides workstation display for home reporting and offer a regular maintenance service direct to the radiologist’s home, to enable reporting in a safe and compliant environment.

JUSHA is a global medical high-tech enterprise in medical imaging solutions, headquartered in Nanjing and has established a Science and Technology Industrial Park in Nanjing Jiangbei, China.

JUSHA, founded in 1996, owns a high-end research and development team that accounts for 30% of all employees and invests more than 15% of the annual sales revenue into research and development in the following areas:  Assisting Robots, Large Radiology Equipment, Infection-Control Biological Indicator and Electronic Monitoring and Interpretation.


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