Rothband work round the clock to protect radiographers

5 May 2020

Rothband 1The COVID19 pandemic has presented Rothband with a number of challenges but as the gravity of the situation unfolded in early April, the objective for the Rothband team was very clear: They needed to do anything they could to support and protect the  radiology workforce.



Rothband 2


As the government’s strategy to build the super hospitals developed, they have been working tirelessly with procurement managers and radiographers to provide the necessary equipment needed. Working around the clock (and through bank holidays) to get the equipment manufactured so it could be delivered in time for their opening.


IRothband 4n addition to the regular product portfolio, they have also been approached by a number of local trusts to provide a wider range of PPE solutions both to the imaging departments and other healthcare providers.

These have included a range of splash visors (which have been fully tested for safety and meet all the CE mark requirements) and reception screens. They are currently working on waterproof gowns that they hope to have tested soon.

Paul Dixon, Managing Director, Rothband said “We are very proud to be able to support the radiographers, radiologists and assistant practitioners on the frontline of the COVID19 Pandemic. There have been some real challenges, both from a regulatory and supply chain point of view which we continue to deal with, but we will keep working hard to get the right equipment to those who need it.”

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