Study reveals new comprehensive AI chest X-ray solution improves radiologist accuracy

2 July 2021

The study found that when used as an assist device, Annalise CXR significantly improved the ability for radiologists to perceive 102 chest X-ray (CXR) findings in a non-clinical environment, was statistically non-inferior for 19 findings and no findings showed a decrease in accuracy. *

The study also assessed the standalone performance of the model in a non-clinical environment against radiologists in identifying chest x-ray pathology, as well as investigating the effect of model output on radiologist performance when used as an assist device.

Annalise CXR’s AI model classification alone was significantly more accurate than unassisted radiologists for 117 (94%) of 124 clinical findings predicted by the model and was non-inferior to unassisted radiologists for all other clinical findings. **

Further details of the study results can be found here

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