1980s medical physics


R Mathur-De Vré from Belgium made a detailed review of the relaxation behaviour of water as related to MRI in November 1984 (Mathur-De Vré BJR 1984; 57(683): 955-976). The paper is a detailed review of the state of water in biological systems.

 Biomedical applications of nuclear medicine resonance imaging

Image source: Mathur-De Vré BJR 1984; 57(683): 955-976


Ionization chambers

J Boag and J Currant from the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital wrote a paper about ionization chambers exposed to pulsed radiation in May 1980 (Boag and Currant BJR 1980; 53(629): 471-478). This was a topic that interested J Boag and he had written in the BJR in October 1950 on pulsed radiation beams (Boag BJR 1950; 23(274): 601-611) and in December 1952 (Boag BJR 1952; 25(300): 649-650). He found that his existing theory of 1950 was accurate over the range of charge densities examined.

Measurement of pulsed radiation beams 

Image source: Boag BJR 1952; 25(300): 649-650

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