RSNA 2013 in pictures

The Power of Partnership was the theme of RSNA 2013. And we were certainly pleased to partner with friends and members old and new. Here's our experience in pictures...

BJR standAndrew 1

1.                                                                             2.

Andrew 2Grant Witheridge Agfa

3.                                                                          4.


 5.                                                                         6.


 7.                                                                          8.

20131201_123145 20131205_102124

9.                                                                          10.

1. Giuseppe Guglielmi, one of the BJR Associate Editors with Sophia Anderton, Head of Publishing.

2. Professor Andrew Jones (left) with President Elect Dr Bhavin Jankharish, Indian Radiological and Imaging Association.

3. Richard Evans, CEO SCoR (left) with Pam Black, President SCoR and Professor Andrew Jones.

4. Grant Witheridge, Managing Director AGFA UK with Professor Andrew Jones.

5-8. The stands of our corporate members, Toshiba, Philips, Canon and Carestream.

9. The amazing life-like wax model on the Siemens stand.

10. Bracco stand.

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