Join a BIR Special Interest Group

Our Scientific Committees are evolving into Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

We are looking for passionate and committed individuals to get involved in the Management Groups of our SIGs

•    Do you have expertise, creativity and a desire to make a difference in the world of radiology?
•    Are you prepared to volunteer your time to support others and influence policy?

What’s involved?

You will influence national and international policy by contributing to the BIR comments and advice on regulatory and research developments relating to your related topic of interest.

You will use your expertise, professional knowledge and organisational ability to develop scientific and educational meetings across the UK and contribute to reports and publications for the Institute.

You will get involved in developing innovative educational events.

You will need to be able to attend three meetings per year, ideally in person or via video-conference to our new offices in London. The term of office is typically three years.

SIG Management members must also be prepared to attend some events and devote time to preparing for meetings and respond to urgent requests for feedback when required.

We currently have vacancies on the following SIGs Management Groups

  •  Magnetic Resonance Imaging – who are looking for individuals with specific interests in Education, Website content, Scientific Meetings and a planned online Forum.
  • Trainee

Who should apply?

All professional groups (including radiologists, physicists, trainees, radiographers, managers, and individuals from industry and government personnel with appropriate interests) are welcome to apply.
We welcome applicants in the early stages of their career as well as those with more experience, highly valuing commitment, drive and your willingness to volunteer time to both support the development of peers and influence policy at a senior level.

BIR members and non-members are invited to apply, although non-members will be required to subscribe as a full member prior to the first committee meeting.

What’s in it for you?
•    The satisfaction of “giving back” your knowledge and expertise to support others
•    The chance to network with colleagues and share good practice
•    The opportunity to influence policy and have a voice in your area of interest
•    To demonstrate to your employers that you are prepared to “go the extra mile” to contribute to both your professional development and raising the profile of your organisation.

How to apply
Please send a short resume of key reasons why you are seeking membership (maximum 500 words).  Please highlight relevant experience (including publications),  whether you are able to represent a particular related professional community and if you are interested in a specific SIG role (as detailed above). Applicants should include full contact details.

Send your application to Lucy Stewart on (


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