Ready, steady, publish

We are pleased to announce the move to continuous publication for BJR (the BIR’s flagship journal) and DMFR (published by the BIR on behalf of the IADMFR) from January 2013.

Continuous publication is article-based publishing as opposed to issue-based publishing.  When an article is in its final form, rather than waiting for the article to be in a print issue before it is technically published, the article is published in its final form online and is referenced by an article identifier, rather than a page number. 

The benefit to authors is that the acceptance to publication time will be reduced and there is no more waiting for the article to appear in a finalised issue before it is technically published. This modern publishing model will allow our titles to achieve an even faster ”speed to publication”, benefitting our authors and readers in disseminating the latest in research as soon as possible. 


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