"Obligatory in every ultrasound department"


The BIR’s most recent publication, the Safe use of Ultrasound in Medical Diagnosis, 3rd edition, has received a glowing review in RAD magazine’s bookshelf feature: “the book should be an obligatory item in every ultrasound department." 

Edited by Professor Gail ter Harr, the book covers the thermal and non-thermal effects of ultrasound, radiation force effects, the effect of ultrasound on the cells and tissues of a patient, as well as a chapter dedicated to the use of contrast-enhanced ultrasound.  “Well suited to the needs of ultrasound users from various backgrounds… [the book] satisfies the needs of a wide audience." 

The Safe use of Ultrasound in Medical Diagnosis, 3rd edition is the BIR’s first open access ebook, available for free download here, and can also be purchased in print here.  Check out the BIR bookshop for more of our publications, including Radiation shielding in Diagnostic Radiology, and Godfrey Hounsfield: Intuitive Genius of CT.  


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