Latest Hounsfield Review: a review of the UK SIGGAR trials

BJR is pleased to announce the publication of the latest Invited Hounsfield Review article, “CT colonography for investigation of patients with symptoms potentially suggestive of colorectal cancer: a review of the UK SIGGAR trials”, by Professor Steve Halligan.

Professor Halligan is Director of University College London's Centre for Medical Imaging and an eminent opinion leader and academic in the field of gastrointestinal imaging. In this article, Professor Halligan reviews the rationale of the UK SIGGAR trials and presents CT colonography as “a sensitive, acceptable and cost-effective alternative to colonoscopy in patients in whom colonoscopy is contraindicated or undesirable”, and recommends the immediate replacement of barium enema by CT colonography in these patients. This article has been made freely availablefor one month here; please feel free to forward it to your colleagues.


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