On your marks, get set, CITE! BIR journals move to continuous publication

Great news: BIR articles are available faster than ever before!

Continuous publication (CP) focuses on publishing individual articles, in contrast to more traditional issue-based publishing models. Once an article has reached its final form after editing and proofreading it is published online immediately as the version of record, straight into an open issue. No delay is caused by waiting for a group of manuscripts to be gathered together for a given issue. The articles are drip-fed into an open issue, meaning that issues are built up gradually throughout the month.

BJR is still published every month in issue format; the only difference is that, with CP, articles are available faster than ever before. We can proudly announce that after a paper is accepted for publication inBJR, it appears online in its final format within only 4–6 weeks.

You can read more about the move to CP in this recently published editorial.


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