Institute of Physics Survey of Employees

We ask you to help the Institute of Physics (IOP) build up a clearer picture of the physics being conducted in workplaces in the UK and Ireland by completing this short survey by 19 December 2014, or passing it on to a colleague who can. Survey A is for staff applying physics principles in their work who are qualified up to NVQ level 5, BTEC Professional Diploma, HNC, HND, Highers (Scotland) or Advanced Certificate (Ireland). Survey B is for their union reps/supervisors/HR. To reach out to a wide audience, IOP is asking recipients to pass the survey on to colleagues. This may mean you receive the survey more than once, for which we apologise.

 The IOP is a scientific society working to advance physics education, research and application. It is a charitable organisation with a worldwide membership of more than 50,000. It wishes to better understand the needs of non-graduates applying physics principles in their work. IOP is especially keen to hear from people who work in health, advanced manufacturing, energy and environment, military, and education and academic research.

Are you an employee in the UK and Ireland whose highest level of qualifications is lower than a bachelor degree and whose work includes science and engineering?

If so, please follow the link to Survey A.

Or are you:

  • a manager of staff in UK or Ireland who are non-graduates, and whose staff’s work is at least partly scientific or engineering based?
  • a union rep or union learn rep for these types of staff?
  • providing administrative services, such as HR, for these types of staff?

Please follow the link to Survey B.

For further information about the survey please contact the Institute of Physics via

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