The Future is Bright for Radiology

6. Trainee EventOver 130 enthusiastic delegates from medical students to senior pre-CCT doctors attended the BIR “future of radiology” event, which was designed to inspire, inform and enlighten budding radiologists at every stage of their career. As one delegate put it “I can only think of positive things to say—an outstanding event, well organised and I thoroughly recommend to trainee colleagues.”


Image: From left to right: YPAT SIG members—Dr Hardi Madani, Dr Nassim Parvizi, Dr Jim Zhong, Dr John Adu, Dr Emma St Joseph, Dr Joseph Shur and  Dr Sarah Adibi (Joint Head of Education, BIR).

Trainee 1

A highlight of the day was an inspirational overview by Professor Erika Denton, National Clinical Director for Diagnostics and Imaging, who spoke about the changing face of radiology and the demographics of the future.

Image: Dr Nassim Parvizi, conference organiser with Professor Erika Denton


Trainee 2In an entertaining talk, Professor Sir Muir Gray spoke passionately about the way technology will enable radiologists of the future to communicate with patients via their smartphones and the importance of personalised care.

Image (left) Professor Muir Gray chats to delegates.


Dr Caroline  Rubin, from the Royal College of Radiologists, gave a detailed overview of what to expect in radiology training and Dr Melanie Hiorns, from the Imaging Accreditation Service, encouraged delegates to get involved in accrediting imaging services to demonstrate the desire to make a difference and improve services for the patient.

Trainee 3Dr David Wilson, President of the BIR, gave some pertinent examples of why its important for radiologists to be trained doctors and the need to use clinical acumen in radiology for giving a “holistic” opinion.

(Image: Dr David Wilson with poster prize winner Chloe Foster).


In the afternoon, two workshops were organised for junior trainees covering topics such as diagnostic, interventional and academic radiology. Delegates were advised about what a Head of School looks for in a prospective trainee and given some real-life interview experience and some pointers about the challenges to expect in the first 18 months of training!

More senior delegates were treated to a workshop for those applying for fellowships and advice on getting the consultant job you want. There were also top tips for that all-important consultant interview.

There were ample opportunities for delegates to network with their peers and chat to more senior colleagues, and every session was followed by a short question and answer period, with the final session devoted to an entertaining and visual overview of what to expect as a radiology trainee by Dr John Adu.

The event was organised by the BIR Young Professionals and Trainee (YPAT) Special Interest Group (SIG). To express interest in this SIG join online here.

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