Doctor, is a CT scan safe for my child?

Marilyn Goske

Professor Marylin Goske, in BJR, (February 2014) discusses the implications and reactions from the paediatric and radiation protection communities to three recent epidemiological studies, including the most recent by Miglioretti et al in JAMA Paediatrics, which assess the risk of cancer in children due to CT imaging. 

Professor Goske, founder/chair of Image Gently and Professor of Radiology and Paediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, comments on the findings of the JAMA Paediatrics article and says that it is “time to add these discussions [on helping parents make informed decisions when presented with potential benefits and risks of the scan] to the routine practice of paediatric radiology, so that maximum benefit can occur with the least risk”. She concludes that “This approach is necessary to responsibly leverage the power of CT for accuracy and precision in medical diagnosis”. 

Read the article in full here:

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