Two become one - merger of SIGs

Alex _Stewart [1]

We are pleased to announce the merger of two BIR special interest groups—Radiotherapy Physics and Oncology and Radiotherapy, which will now be known as the BIR Oncology and Radiotherapy SIG. The two SIGs recognised that their interests were increasingly converging and the meetings they were organising overlapped. 

Both SIGs agreed that this will strengthen and enhance the activities and multidisciplinary nature of the new single group to benefit the membership as a whole. Following consultation between the management groups of the two SIGs the suggested course of action was agreed unanimously. We very much look forward to this being reflected in the educational courses and events offered by the Institute to enable members to be more efficient in their requests for study leave and spending their precious educational funding.

Historically the Physics group represented a broader remit than that of Radiotherapy Physics and we would like to reassure members that the interests of the previous committees are still being represented under the new structure within the various special interest groups at the BIR.

The Chair of the new group will be Dr Alex Stewart. Read more about Dr Stewart here

Everyone is welcome to join the BIR Oncology and Radiotherapy SIG. Simply join online here. We also welcome applications to serve on the management group from all disciplines associated with radiotherapy and oncology. 



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