UKRC RAD poster prizes - winners announced

RAD 2014 - Susan Hopkins

Congratulations to the winners of the RAD Poster prizes for 2014 selected at UKRC 2014. Prizes went to Dr Susan Hopkins (above) from the University of Exeter and Clinical Specialist Radiographer, Susan Todd from the Christie Hospital, Manchester, and Dr Basel Jaber from Morriston Hospital in Swansea.

The winner of the first prize of £150 is Dr Susan Hopkins from the University of Exeter for “Effects on function, bone mineral density and lean tissue mass 12 months following total knee replacement in a female postmenopausal population” 

There were two highly commended prizes of £75 each which went to Susan Todd for her poster on “Introducing radiographer chest X-ray reporting at a cancer hospital” and Basel Jaber for his poster “How much does imaging influence speed of discharge in hospital?

The UKRC 2014 poster prizes were supported by RAD magazine and administered by the British Institute of Radiology.


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