Starship X-ray department improves patient experience

When you go for an X-RSpaceship 1ay at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, you could well find yourself on Neptune. That’s because the department has been transformed into an imaginary world of space and planets.

 The child-friendly clinical hospital space is making an impact on patient care and saving staff time by proving a useful distraction and engagement point for children.

Starship 3



There happens to be nine camera rooms in the department and nine planets in the solar system so each room became a re-imagined planet, for example Neptune—planet of oceans. Reception is the starship and the journey is to the planets in the company of little robots made by the children and X-ray images they took of their toys.

These Raybots are small models made by the children and staff with bits of old computer technology. The staff also helped children to make X-ray images of their toys that were used in the design work and involving the patients, families and staff has given a great sense of ownership of the work to them.




The project was funded by the Thomas Cook Childrens Charity, sponsorship agreement was negotiated by the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charities Team. The art and design work, creative sessions with staff and patients, project management, installation procedures and all related clinical protocols were managed by Lime Arts.

Spaceship 2Here is some feedback about the project:

The light box that has been installed in CT came into its own the day after it went in when we had a young boy who has previously really struggled to stay on the scanner lay quietly and counted the butterflies and monkeys his mum was nearly in tears as what has previously been a traumatic experience for them both was completed with ease and he came away smiling for the first time.

CT scanner Radiologist.

“The decoration project that you've helped us with in the department has made such an amazing difference to our working environment”

Senior Radiologist

 Comments from patients and families:

 “It's amazing, what a lovely space you've got, it makes coming here fun”

 “I've really enjoyed reading all the space facts, what a transformation the artworks have made”

 “It’s great for the children to have so much to see and do while we are waiting”

 “It’s wonderful that the patients and staff helped to make everything”

 More information can be found here




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