Hugh Turvey receives Fellowship of Royal Photographic Society

Hugh Turvey

On 9 September 2014, Hugh Turvey, BIR artist-in-residence, was awarded an Honorary Fellowship from the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) which was presented at a ceremony at the Royal Society, London.



The prestigious award is in recognition of Hugh's work as an advocate for imaging innovation and its role in the advancement of science and understanding.

The awards ceremony recognises achievements in the art and science of photography.  They have been made since 1878 with Fellowships introduced in 1895, the year X-ray was invented.

Hugh Turvey’s work fuses art and science, graphic design and pure photography. His groundbreaking  Xogram work has been used in many applications including marketing and advertising, TV and film.  It has also been featured in the RPS’s extraordinary Images for Science exhibition in 2011 and 2013, is held in private and public collections around the world and has featured in numerous national and international magazines.

Hugh Turvey is a pioneering creative practitioner for better healthcare environments and has worked on large scale hospital projects in the UK, Germany and the USA. He is currently part of a “communicative” art research team at University College Hospital, London, exploring creative ways to improve patient experience.

Hugh Turvey said “The recognition that the Royal Photographic Society Honorary Fellowship brings will allow me to engage a wider audience with science, challenge people 'to see beyond the expected' and continue to encourage the aesthetic interpretation of technology driven imagery into the future."

Jacqueline Fowler, Chief Executive, said “We congratulate Hugh on this fantastic recognition of his advocacy for imaging innovation and we are honoured that he so generously gives of his time to work with our organisation.”

Hugh Turvey is an ambassador for the BIR and his work is used in BIR promotional materials, within the BIR offices and has been exhibited at several BIR networking events.

(c) The Royal Photographic Society / Nick Scott Photography

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