The BIR and IPEM collaborate in memorandum of understanding


The BIR and IPEM have confirmed their long history of partnership and collaboration in a “memorandum of understanding” (MoU), which agrees ways of working for the benefit of both organisations.

The MoU establishes that both organisations will engage in collaboration where mutual benefit may be optimised by such collaboration, to maintain trust and to engage in open communications. The MoU also aims to minimise the risks of either organisation accidentally working against the interests of the other organisation.

Dr David Wilson, President of the BIR, said, “This memorandum cements the excellent and open working relationship we have always had with IPEM, and we look forward to collaborating in activities for the benefit of all physicists working in medicine and their multidisciplinary teams”.

Professor Stephen Keevil, President of IPEM, who signed the MoU alongside Dr David Wilson at the UK Radiological Congress said, “There is considerable overlap between the membership and areas of activity of IPEM and the BIR, and we have a long track record of collaboration. This memorandum of understanding reflects our desire to work even more closely together when that is in the interests of our members and supports the objectives that we share”.

Image: Dr David Wilson (President of the BIR) with Professor Stephen Keevil (President of IPEM).


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