New Siemens app helps reduce the fear of having an MRI scan

Siemens 12 September 2015

Siemens have launched a new app which aims to take the fear factor out of MRI scans – as 42 percent of people surveyed confessed to being afraid of the process. The new MRI Scan app, created by Siemens UK, has been launched to help reduce the fear of having an MRI scan.

Developed for adults and children, this interactive app aims to reduce patient fears following referral for an MRI scan, and is now available to download free of charge from iTunes and Google Play.

Experience a 360 degree virtual MRI scan (with realistic sounds); scan items; find out more about the Siemens 4steps from referral to results; and have all your questions answered about the technology and process. This app is a great way to help you, or your child to experience what it’s like to have an MRI scan.

Reasons cited for not wanting to have an MRI scan included being anxious about claustrophobia, being unsure of the process and the length of time it takes.

Play Specialist, Sarah Browne, from Oxford Children's Hospital at the John Radcliffe Hospital, has a special interest in preparing children for MRI scans. Children are often given general anaesthetics in Siemens 2order to have an MRI scan as it is important for the patient to remain absolutely still for the scan to be successful. With the help of play specialists “preparing children beforehand there has been a notable reduction in the amount of children needing to undergo general anaesthetic”.

Sarah said, "The app is excellent and we can see the real benefits of being able to access and use it. It’s great to see the control the app gives the child – an aspect that young people often struggle with whilst in hospital. It will make a big difference!”

Siemens MRI Scan app creator, PR & Government Affairs Manager for Siemens, Laura Bennett, said, “The app is unique approach to an existing problem. The app is aimed at reducing fears so that patients will be less likely to cancel their appointment, or in the case of a child, need to undergo an anaesthetic, both of which can be at a large cost to the hospital. The Siemens Healthcare mission statement is that 'we innovate to improve human health'. This app is an example of where we have innovated to improve the wellbeing, in this case, of children and adults who are about to have a MRI scan.”

For further information on the MRI Scan app, please see and download the app at and


The survey – Medical Phobia, was carried out between the dates of 22/05/205 and 26/05/2015 with 2,000 respondents. The demographic was targeted at UK adults and the survey was undertaken by OnePoll. For more information please visit





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