Review for BJR to earn rewards and grow your CPD portfolio

2 September 2015

We appreciate the hard work and expertise that goes in to peer review, as such, we aim to reward our BJR reviewers for their dedication and time. 

BJR reviewer rewards

As well as getting to see work before it is published and helping your peers improve their work, reviewing for BJR has other benefits:

Certificate:All BJR reviewers receive a personalised certificate at the end of each year, detailing their work as a BJR reviewer.

BJR reviewer voucher: We offer a £20 voucher to all reviewers successfully completing a review for BJR on time that can be used when purchasing BIR books and events.

Gold star review award: BJR operates a discretionary “gold star review” system, rewarding reviewers for outstanding reviews.

Interested in being a BJR reviewer?

If you are already registered on BJR’s Editorial Manager system, contact to let us know you’d like to be a reviewer.

Not registered or not sure whether you’re registered on our Editorial Manager system? Contact to find out. If you’re not registered, we can help you set up a reviewer account.

Already a BJR reviewer? Go to Update my information to make sure your personal classifications and contact details are up to date; this will mean your name appears in reviewer searches for relevant manuscripts.

Once you've done this, look over our reviewer guidance.


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