BIR backing IPEM effort to support children with cancer

Little Linac (1)2 July 2019

We are proud to support the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine’s “Little Linac” project which aims to give every child undergoing radiotherapy for cancer in the UK a free kit of play bricks to make a model linac. So far the scheme has provided 100 kits to 16 radiotherapy departments across the UK and nearly 2,000 kits worldwide – with orders from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, the United States and South America. The bricks also make three other imaging or treatment machines the child may encounter during their time in hospital – an MRI scanner, a gamma camera and a CT scanner. For every model purchased, two more kits will be donated to children undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

Little Linac (2)The initiative was the brain-child of IPEM past President David Brettle and BIR past President Andy Rogers who gave his whole hearted support to the project.

To read more about the project, and to order a Little Linac, please click here



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