BIR/Canon Mayneord award presented at UKIO

Mathias Prokop

Professor Mathias Prokop of Radboud University, The Netherlands,  was the proud recipient of the BIR/Canon Mayneord Memorial Award after he delivered his eponymous lecture titled “Advanced Computer analysis in Oncologic imaging: a necessity or a hype?” at UKIO last month.

Professor Prokop is an expert in body imaging with a special focus on Multislice CT and new imaging technologies.

In his engaging talk, Professor Prokop gave an overview of the benefits of AI for diagnosing cancer. Oncology imaging accounts for one third of all imaging and there are significant time-pressures on radiologists. He acknowledged that there are many issues to address including performance, integration, regulation and payment matters. Furthermore, whilst specific data sets can be used to train systems, it is challenging to train AI in complex or rare diseases. In studies, AI has performed well in chest X-ray diagnosis but further work is needed to establish whether AI is reliable outside the study set up. The talk covered the benefits and potential for AI in both perfusion imaging and radiomics, concluding that AI is a necessity. 

BIR/Canon Mayneord presentationAfter the talk he was presented with the award by Mark Hitchman, Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems. 

He said, ”Artificial Intelligence is an exciting technological advance that will alleviate pressure on radiologists, enhance workflows and enhance the standard of care delivered to patients. Professor Prokop’s talk encapsulated the challenges facing clinicians today and successfully highlighted that AI does indeed have its place in the future of radiology. We were delighted to present him with the BIR Canon Mayneord Memorial award at UKIO 2019.”

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