MR Safety week 2019

Radiation Safety Week 2019 banner Revised

MR Safety Week (commencing 22 July 2019) promotes excellence in MRI safety. Sadly, this week marks the 17th anniversary of the tragic 2001 MRI accident that resulted in the preventable death of young Michael Colombini, age 6, who died when a portable steel oxygen cylinder was brought into the MRI room during his MR scan.

To promote best practice and excellence in MRI Safety, during this week a series of short information sheets will be released with the aim of raising awareness of typical MR Conditions and things to watch for when scanning active devices.

Overview of MR Safety Week 2019: Scanning Patients with Active Devices.

Active devices typically have a power source in order to provide some sort of therapy or function for the patient.  When patients come for an MRI and have an active device it is important that MRI Units are familiar with the typical MR Conditions for these devices and understand how to manage them properly.   Up-to-date MRI manuals should always be sought from the manufacturer prior to arranging scans for these patients.   However, there are some common features for categories of devices that it is useful to be aware of. During MRI safety week, the BIR will issue a series of information sheets aimed at raising awareness of the typical conditions when scanning active devices.

During this week we will be sending the advice sheets on a daily basis to those members who have opted in to receive our MR safety information. On day 5 you can download all the safety sheets here.

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