New BIR survey shows more than half of UK radiographers don’t believe they have adequate COVID-19 PPE, testing or cleaning supplies

4 May 2020

The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) conducted a survey of imaging and oncology professionals between 29 April and 1 May 2020. The survey was completed by 561 UK based radiographers, 65 radiologists, 11 scientists working in healthcare and 6 oncologists.

Radiographers are front line healthcare professionals. 98% of radiographers responding to the survey said that as a necessary part of their current work they come into physical contact or close proximity with other people (such as patients or colleagues) every working day.

The results show that only a minority of the 561 radiographers surveyed thought that the provision of COVID-19 PPE, testing or cleaning supplies, equipment or cleaning staff was adequate where they worked for people in their role. Just 23% said they believed testing was adequate, with 24% saying it was ‘very inadequate’. Only 36% said they thought provision of COVID-19 PPE was adequate for people in their role.


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