BIR Aidence Mayneord award presented to Dr Giles Maskell

10 October 2022

BIR Aidence Mayneord Award 2022

The BIR was proud to present the BIR/Aidence Mayneord Award to Dr Giles Maskell, Consultant Radiologist at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust at the BIR Annual Congress on 23 September at the Royal College of Physicians.  Prior to receiving the award Dr Maskell gave the eponymous lecture on “Practising Radiology”. The lecture chimed with the overall theme of the Congress this year “Looking Back to the Future: 125 years of BIR”.

He was presented with his award by President Dr Sridhar Redla and Victor Groothengel, Chief Commercial Officer at Aidence.

In an engaging talk Dr Maskell reflected on the myriad of changes in the role of the radiologist, from Roentgen’s first X-ray of his wife’s hand through to artificial intelligence, with many procedures undertaken twenty years ago now obsolete. He reflected on the public perception of the diagnostic radiologist and called for more understanding that diagnosis is not always obvious and it is rare that the public recognise this.

He described the changing relationship between the patient and the radiologist which often is not as strong as that between clinician and radiologist and reflected on the challenge of the rising demand for imaging, high resolution images which reveal more incidental findings. He felt hopeful that better methods of giving feedback and improved teamwork has benefited the profession. 

Dr Maskell received his award from President Dr Sri Redla.

He said “I am honoured to receive this award and it was a pleasure to deliver this eponymous lecture in this special anniversary year for the BIR.”

Dr Sri Redla said “Giles delivered a thoughtful and reflective overview of the current and past practice of radiology, in a wonderful engaging style which provided much food for thought and raised a smile or two. The award is much deserved.”

Aidence sponsors this BIR award which recognises values, skills and contributions at the forefront of medical imaging.

Victor Groothengel said “Dr Maskell has been an advocate for understanding the human aspects of radiology's relationship with novel technologies. At Aidence, our motto is "Human sense in Artificial Intelligence" because everything we do revolves around the needs of the physicians we aim to support and their patients. As we complement each other's work, it was our privilege to award Dr Maskell with the BIR/Aidence Mayneord Award.”

The lecture is now freely available to all here


Image: (left to right) Dr Sridhar Redla, Victor Groogthengel and Dr Giles Maskell

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