Support for Radionuclides for Health campaign

16 January 2023

The BIR is delighted to support a campaign organised by Radionuclides for Health UK which advocates the establishment of a stable UK supply of radionuclides for health and medical use.

Molecular radiotherapy treatment is dependent on a stable supply of radionuclides. The supply of radionuclides into the UK has been impacted by a combination of factors, including decommissioning of nuclear reactors, trade barriers and international conflict. Some radionuclides are so new and innovative that supply chains do not currently exist.  

Innovative cancer treatments such as molecular radiotherapy (i.e. the injection of radioactive substances for therapeutic effect) require a stable UK supply of radionuclides which are currently in short supply.

The UK’s Life Sciences Vision has set bold ambitions for the future of UK science and there is so much potential for expansion of nuclide production and purification and to make the UK a world leader in this treatment and deliver significant improvements in outcomes for cancer patients.

This work is supported through a partnership between the Radiation Research Unit at the Cancer Research UK City of London Centre Award and the UK National Nuclear Laboratory.

To find out more about this campaign read more and download the White Paper here.

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