Awards presented at Annual Congress

2 November 2023

BIR President Professor Stephen Keevil presented BIR and BJR awards at the BIR Annual Congress on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 November.

 Bayer Make it Better Award 2023

Dr Louis Dwyer and team receive the Bayer Make It Better award for their application, based on the introduction of a short MRI protocol for the detection of joint inflammation.

Image (left to right) Fiona Spaziani, Business Development Manager (Bayer), Dr Louis Dwyer, Dr Natasha Thorley and Professor Stephen Keevil. 


GE Radiation Safety Award 2023


Dr John Kotre won the GE Radiation Safety Travel award for his application based onThe J-factor: towards quantitative justification for medical radiation exposure. Image (left to right): Matthew Trevail (CT Modality Manager, GE Healthcare), Dr John Kotre and Professor Stephen Keevil. 



Nic McNally Award 2023Mr Ricardo Minaya Sainz won the Nic McNally award for their application based on the paper entitled "Antibody blockade of ART1 synergises with CTLA-4 inhibitors to promote radiotherapy-induced immune responses in a mouse lung cancer model". Image: Mr Ricardo Minaya Sainz with Professor Stephen Keevil.





Siemens Research Award 2023

Dr Jina Pakpoor was presented with the Siemens Healthineers Research award for her work focused on predicting success at the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) Examinations.

Image (left to right): Tracy Williams (MR Product Specialist, Siemens Healthineers), Dr Jina Pakpoor and Professor Stephen Keevil. 



Barclay Medal 2023 Dr Eleftherios Karanasios and team were awarded the Barclay Medal (kindly sponsored by Rothband) for his article titled Prostate MRI quality: clinical impact of the PI-QUAL score in prostate cancer diagnostic work-up.

Image (left to right): Professor Stephen Keevil and Dr Karanasios.




Jusha Early Career 2023

The BIR/Jusha Early Career Investigator award was presented to Christian R Cooper, Donald Jones, George DD Jones and Kristoffer Petersson for their article titled: FLASH irradiation induces lower levels of DNA damage ex vivo, an effect modulated by oxygen tension, dose, and dose rate.

Image (left to right) Christian Cooper, Professor Stephen Keevil and Ivy Fang (Manager of International Business, Jusha).

The Dr Prafulla Ganguli award was won jointly by Chin Harn Yap, Danielle Coupland, John Au and Smita Raju for their article Duodenum inversum: a rare cause of nausea and epigastric pain. Unfortunately, they were unable to attend the Congress in person to accept the award.

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