BIR/Philips Trainee Award for Excellence presented

22 December 2016

BIR/Philips Trainee Award for Excellence presented to Dr Joshua Shur

Dr Joshua Shur, from St George’s Hospital, London, has been awarded the BIR/Philips Award for Excellence for a teaching resource called “Upper GI Contrast Study”, the first of a series of radiology teaching videos.

He was presented with the award by past president of the BIR, Dr David Wilson, at the BIR’s annual event, “The Future of Radiology: Top Topics for Interviews”.

Applicants were invited to submit an educational resource which will be available via the BIR website.

Dr Shur, together with his colleague, Dr Shahrooz Mohammadi, developed a video resource to succinctly demonstrate the theory and technique behind the barium swallow, the most common upper-gastrointestinal fluorographic study. The video is aimed at radiologists, radiographers, physicists and those involved in radiation protection – reflecting the diverse BIR membership.
Dr Shur said, “I am delighted to accept this award and hope that this video will become the first in a series of useful videos. With competing pressures on service provision and teaching in modern practice it is often difficult to find sufficient time to gain procedural competencies – I hope these tools will help address this training need”.
Dr Shur gave a short presentation explaining the background to the video and encouraged the audience to suggest their own ideas for videos and also to enter the BIR/Philips Excellence Award in the next round.
Dr Wilson said, “We would like to thank Philips Healthcare for providing the funding for this award, which enables good practice to be shared amongst our members and beyond”.
The BIR is aiming to develop the modules for a training resource which will be available on the website for others to use.
The video can be seen here

Applications are now welcome for the next award. For more details,-awards-and-bursaries/birphilips-trainee-award-for-excellence/



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