Siemens present research award at UKRC

17 June 2016

Siemens Healthineers support research bursary for oxygen-enhanced MR imaging of the lungs

On 8 June 2016 at UKRC in Liverpool, Dr Luke Dixon, from Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London, was presented with the BIR/Siemens Healthineers research bursary to fund a research project on oxygen-enhanced MR imaging of the lungs.

The award of £1,000 provides pump-priming funding to provide support to researchers in the fields of radiology, radiotherapy, oncology, radiography or medical physics. This enables researchers to develop proposals with the aim of attracting further funding from external sources.

Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) is a progressive, life-threatening disease. Currently, individuals with suspected CTEPH are investigated with a series of imaging techniques including CT, MRI and ventilation perfusion scintigraphy. Each technique provides different morphological and functional data for the diagnosis but, unfortunately, the diagnosis remains difficult.
This study will evaluate a new MRI technique called oxygen-enhanced MRI (OE-MRI) in the context of suspected CTEPH. The findings could help validate a new safe, non-ionising radiation technique for assessing patients with PH and in turn contribute to new standards for investigating PH.

Peter Harrison, Managing Director of Siemens Healthineers GB&I, who presented the award, said “We are delighted to be able to support the development of research proposals through this bursary and we wish Dr Dixon every success with the project”.

Dr David Wilson, President of the BIR, said “I would like to thank Siemens Healthineers for this vital financial support to get research projects launched”.

The award is in memory of Sir James Mackenzie Davidson, a pioneer in British radiology.

Siemens Healthineers will be supporting this award again in 2016/17 and applications are now open.  To apply, participants must provide a 750 word outline of the intended research project and send to by 31 December 2016.

More details are available on the BIR website,-awards-and-bursaries/bir-siemens-research-award/


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