BIR publishes emergency radiology special feature

19 May 2016


BJRpublishes Emergency Radiology Special Feature


This month BJR publishes a special feature on emergency radiology. Volume 89, Issue 1061 is guest edited by Professor Mariano Scaglione (President, European Society of Emergency Radiology, Pineta Grande Medical Center, Castel Volturno, Italy).

With organisational and technological advances constantly being made, this is a burgeoning area of clinical interest. Over the last few years emergency imaging has gathered much attention, especially in the wake of several high-profile mass casualty incidents and the coordinated efforts of the healthcare professionals involved.

Highlights include several reviews covering key topics in this area from advanced imaging techniques in the emergency department, and using ultrasound as a triage tool to differentiating between accidental and non-accidental paediatric femur fractures in the emergency department, radiation-protection concerns in the emergency setting, using mobile devices for emergency radiology and more

As well as reviews, this issue features several pieces of cutting-edge research in emergency imaging, including mass casualty incident workflow analysis from a radiological perspective, dose reduction in whole-body CT for multiple trauma and using MRI to highlight additional intracranial findings after minor head injury.

Guest editor, Professor Mariano Scaglione, says of this issue, “Today, the major challenge for emergency radiologists is to match the traditional clinical culture of emergency medicine with the many sophisticated technologies, offering a fast and effective contribution in clinical and therapeutic perspective. I hope this collection of themed articles provides a comprehensive overview of where emergency radiology stands now and provides some stimulating opinions and insight on the future direction of this fascinating field of research and clinical practice.”



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