BIR Dr Prafulla Kumar Ganguli Award

GanguliThe BIR Dr Pafulla Kumar Ganguli Award is made to a BJR|case reports author of the best original case report published in BJR|case reports during the previous calendar year.

The award is in memory of Dr Ganguli, who was a member of the BIR for more than 50 years, first joining in 1953. He moved to East Glamorgan General Hospital (now the Royal Glamorgan) in January 1962 and he was an active member of the Welsh branch.




Award winner for 2020

Ganguli CR


Presented to Dr Enrico Novelli and team (University of Pittsburgh, USA) for their work on PET–MRI molecular imaging of vaso-occlusion in sickle cell disease.

Published Online: 15 Jun 2020




General Criteria

  • The prize is open to both BIR members and non-members
  • The recipient is expected to give a BJR-badged talk at a suitable meeting

This award is made on the recommendation of the Publications Committee and recipients are nominated by the Publications Committee and Editorial Board of the BJR.

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Previous winners:

2019      Dr Muram El-Nayir

2018      Dr Aung Win Tin

2017      Dr Liam Kavanagh

2015      Dr John Hilton

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